Kung Fu For Kinect


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
Black Belt (50 points)Reach total skill level 10.
Bullseye! (10 points)Use Magic Bow to hit an enemy at least 15m away. Do this 10 times.
Earthquake! (10 points)Damage 7 or more enemies with one Ground Shaker.
Fast as Lightning (30 points)Defeat 10 enemies within 10 seconds (Inklings don't count).
Inkling Bullseye (10 points)Hit an inkling so it collides with another enemy at least 6m away. Do this 10 times.
Inkling Combo Master (50 points)Hit inklings so they collide with other enemies. Do this 200 times.
Inkling Hunter (50 points)Complete the Inkling Hunt with a time lower than 1:15.
King of the Hill (50 points)Survive at least 2 minutes in King of the Hill.
Kung-Fu Club Champion (100 points)Win all rounds of Kung-Fu Club.
Kung-Fu Hero (50 points)Complete the story mode.
Kung-Fu Master (100 points)Reach total skill level 21.
Last Man Standing (100 points)Reach round 10 in Survival.
Lightning Rod (10 points)Defeat 8 or more enemies using Lightning in a single fight (Inklings don't count).
Master of Not Getting Hit (100 points)Reach a time of 3:30 in Don't Get Hit.
Pick on Someone Your Own Size (10 points)Finish off a Giant while giant-sized yourself.
Power Punisher (10 points)Hit an enemy from behind with Power Punch. Do this 30 times.
Slow Motion Master (50 points)Hit 5 different enemies during a single Time Stop.
The Big Boss (100 points)Defeat Sym in Chapter 14 without using Lightning, Time Stop or Damage Boost.
The Professional (100 points)Defeat 200 enemies in Time Trial (5 minutes).
Wham! (10 points)Finish off an Armored Inkling while Damage Boost is active.

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