Iron Harvest

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
A Fate Worse Than Most (20 points)Defeat 100 units with a Flamethrower squad.
A New Contender (20 points)Win a challenge map.
Brute Force (20 points)Win a match by destroying all enemy HQs.
Bunker Buster (20 points)Destroy 50 enemy bunkers in total.
Clay of the Modern Age (20 points)Acquire 100000 Iron in total.
Giant Slayer (35 points)Destroy 1000 enemy mechs.
Iron Giant (20 points)Build a Tur, Gulyay-Gorod, Kaiser or Samson.
Lifeblood of the Modern Age (20 points)Acquire 100000 Oil in total.
Master Builder (35 points)Construct 100 structures.
Mechanized Warfare (50 points)Build 1000 mechs.
No Guts, No Glory (35 points)Win a match without ever retreating or reinforcing.
No Man Left Behind (20 points)Retreat with 1000 units in total.
No Rest for the Weary (20 points)Revive a hero 3 times in the same mission.
On Your Feet! (20 points)Revive a hero.
Only Victims in War (35 points)Kill 100 enemy heroes.
Par Avion (20 points)Win a match in the Drop Zone gamemode.
Seasoned Veteran (20 points)Win 100 Skirmish Matches.
Special Forces (20 points)Attain elite rank with one of your units.
Spoils of War (35 points)Collect 1000 resource stockpiles.
Steadfast (50 points)Play 500 Matches or Missions in total.
Strategic Superiority (20 points)Win a match by earning enough Victory Points.
Taking Flight (20 points)Build your first airship.
The Best of the Best (20 points)Attain rank IV with any hero.
The Iron Harvest (50 points)Harvest 500 wrecks.
The Price Paid (75 points)Finish all Polania Missions.
The Shadow Revealed (75 points)Finish all Rusviet Missions.
The War Delayed (75 points)Finish all Saxony Missions.
Tools of the Trade (20 points)Pick up 1000 pieces of equipment.
Total Victory (35 points)Win a match with a Victory Point outcome of 500:0.
War is Always Hungry (35 points)Conquer 1000 resource points
We Have Reserves (20 points)Reinforce 5000 soldiers in total.
Welcome to the Front (20 points)Play your first match in multiplayer or skirmish.