High On Life (Xbox One)


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A Starfish is BornWatch Globo's rise to fame.45
Are You Packin'?Obtain the Jetpack.20
Bring A Knife to a Gun FightGet Knifey.20
Carried Stan's Load To CompletionComplete the game with Stan's product in your inventory.30
Cold-Blooded DrillerDefeat Krubis.20
Creature FeatureObtain Creature.20
Don't Knife The Hand That FeedsTake Knifey's advice and stab Gene in the gut.20
Eatin' Good in the NeighborhoodPay your bill at Applebee's.20
Epic Legendary PrizeSit through the entirety of the really annoying countdown show on TV.40
Eye Scream, You ScreamPop 20 Grunt eyeballs.20
Fallout Doesn't Let You Do ThisKill Slumsley.20
First Bounty DownDefeat 9-Torg.20
G3 GraduationDefeat Douglas.20
Gunning For Your JobUse Sweezy to boss around the Office Moplets.20
Hardest Battle In The GameDefeat Dr. Giblets.45
Legendary Bounty HunterDefeat Garmantuous and take down the G3 cartel.60
Lezduit!Obtain Lezduit.20
Luglox GenocideFind and open every Luglox chest.60
Mods Please BanUnlock every post in the Bounty Hunter forums.60
Playing Card to GetCollect every trading card in the game.30
Playing FavoritesSacrifice a Gatlian other than Kenny during the fight against Garmantuous.45
RIP Davey GlutesObtain the Mag-Boots.20
Satisfied Gus-tomerObtain Gus.20
Seeing All The SightsUnlock and explore every collectible warp base.45
Self-ActualizationDefeat Nipulon.45
Sequel-BaitDiscover Dr. Gurgula's hideout in the Human Haven.45
Series Wrap on Suit-OSay goodbye to Suit-O.20
Spent 15 Hours At The Alien Strip ClubSpend fifteen hours at the very real in-game alien strip club.20
Sweezy Like Sunday MorningObtain Sweezy.20
We Paid For The Rights To Put A Whole MovieDiscover the movie theater.45
We're All Very Impressed, Trust MeJuggle an enemy in the air with at least five shots.20
Who's The Boss?Defeat the Skrendel Brothers.45