Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Brown Out (secret)Shut down the power stations in the Power Dome to gain access to the Archives30
By Your Command (secret)Used Auto Sentries to take out 10 enemies30
Clamiyuki Dance Party (secret)Triggered all of the possible dance subroutines30
Close Encounters of the Turd Kind (secret)Found a power gem charging Shepherd and returned it to Rhea-630
Colossus: The Methuselah Project (secret)Defeated Methuselah's security titan30
Double Trouble (secret)Took out the Spectrum Shepherds30
Dynamite with a Laser Beam (secret)Defeated the Kill Queen30
Futureworld (secret)Popped your head into every room to have a look-see30
God Created the Dater (secret)Uploaded the Archive Data to Earl30
Good to the Last Drop (secret)Drained all of the Energy S.A.C.s30
Ground Control (secret)Destroyed 25 enemies using melee attacks30
Head Master100% Headlander100
Headhunter (secret)Found all alpha, beta and gamma terminals30
Horse Play (secret)Played a game of H.O.R.S.E.10
Invasion of the Bodies Snatcher (secret)Found all the bodies for Athena-730
Le Voyage dans la Lune Citadel (secret)Used the long-range zap to Luna Citadel30
Male Driver (secret)Killed MAPPY without taking his map data10
Maxed Headroom (secret)Unlocked all upgrades50
Messages From Space (secret)Aligned the Satellite Chalet dishes to gain access to the Archives30
Probe the Pleasure Port (secret)Thrusted through the Pleasure Port to find the Satellite Chalet30
Rollerballs (secret)Used Overcharge Boost to take out 25 enemies30
Say No to Methuselah (secret)Took Methuselah offline50
Star Crash (secret)Found your body and witnessed ERL's sacrifice30
The Circuit (secret)Found all mid-range zap locations30
The Dawn of Man's Head (secret)Escaped the Starcophagus to crash land on the Pleasure Port30
The Gun is Good! (secret)Executed 50 headshots30
The Longest Voyage (secret)Boosted for 5.2155e-13 parsecs (10 miles)30
The Omega Dog (secret)Found Frank the Dog and return him to Eudora-530
Warhead (secret)Used explosions to kill 5 enemies30
Winters is Coming (secret)Found the entrance to Methuselah's Core30
You, Robot (secret)Docked with every body type30

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