Fight the Horror

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A second chanceUse 'Wooden Fish Drum' to revive a player.30
AbracadabraSynthesize any item.10
Arrow on the stringUse 'Lotus Flower' to increase the attack power of the next hit.30
Beginning of the endComplete 'Tutorial'.10
BlackmailUse 'Treaty of Wanghia' to forcibly collect nearby players' spirit money.30
Burn offeringsBurn an item for spirit money.10
Cheat sheetUse 'Hu' to have an x-ray vision of story items in the world.30
Chief of humanSynthesize a level three synthetic item of 'Human' attribute.30
Combined forceSynthesize a level two synthetic item of 'Human' 'Beast' 'Spirit' attribute.15
Destined romanceUse 'Red Thread of Marriage' to have an x-ray vision of teammates in the world.30
EnvyComplete 'The Big Fire of Church of St. Paul'.30
From the darkOpen secret passage to the sheet-metal house.10
GluttonyComplete 'The eight Immortal Restaurant'.30
Gold rushUse 'Toiletries' to get chips in the water.30
Golden axeMake a wish with a gold coin.10
GreedComplete 'The Devil Casino'.30
Handled with carePerform any sacrifice.15
Here liesPerform any burial.15
Home advantageUse 'Banker Sign' to temporarily increase attack power.30
King of beastsSynthesize a level three synthetic item of 'Spirit' attribute.30
Life bettingWin a gold coin from the big small gambling table.10
LustComplete 'The Fake Gods'.30
Master of spiritsSynthesize a level three synthetic item of 'Beast' attribute.30
Merit-makingUse 'Fresh Produce of five Kinds' to earn spirit money.30
Money talksSpend spirit money on character ability.10
Not a potionCollect any liquid with a container.10
One way ticketGet a hint note from the counter.30
Parallel universeUnlock all three endings in any story.100
Poison testerUse 'Arsenic Trioxide' to turn 'Red Chip' nearby into 'Poison Red Chip'.30
PrideComplete 'The One-armed Commander'.30
Rich returnUse 'Bounty Letter' to temporarily double the spirit money return from killing monsters.30
Run like hellUse 'Forbidden Fruit'-like key item to drive nearby monsters away.30
Safe for nowMake it back to the safe house.10
Self-deceptionUse 'Letter Opener' to exchange health for a temporary increase of attack power.30
SlothComplete 'Rest in Peace'.30
The waiting gameBuild any trap.15
The way of the otherSynthesize a weapon of a monster.30
Twin monstersDefeat the two monsters in the arena at midnight.30
WrathComplete 'Break through Hell'.30