Dungeon Drafters (Xbox One)


Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A New TomorrowWith the hope of change for the better...55
A Strange PropositionBecome Master Stanger's disciple.5
ACHOO!Help the weird girl with her Blinking Mirrors.10
Ancient NemesisDefeat the roaming Guardian.15
Best PupilComplete all of Master Oracle's challenges.30
Braving MiasmaTell your last tale to the Innkeeper.30
Card CollectorHave 50% of the card encyclopedia unlocked.30
Card CompletionistComplete the card encyclopedia.100
Clear as WaterPurchase a clear rune from the Runesmith shop.5
Dungeon MasteryTell your third tale to the Innkeeper.15
FOR JUSTICE!Complete all of Master Raider's challenges.30
First time?Survive the Tutorial.25
Friend!Become Master Raider's disciple.5
GladiatorComplete a boss rush.35
HarmonyWith this rune you are one step closer to the truth.10
Journey's EndComplete all of Master Traveler's challenges.30
MasterpieceComplete all of Master Warden's challenges.30
Might be useful...Get you first curio.5
No Stone UnturnedSend the Scavenger to find all possible curios from a region.20
Oracle MasteryBe recognized as a master of the Oracle Archetype.15
Raider MasteryBe recognized as a master of the Raider Archetype.15
RiddlesolverBecome Master Oracle's disciple.5
Sealed Once AgainAnd yet the world remains the same...35
Setting OffBecome Master Traveler's disciple.5
Shine!Get a foil card from a booster pack.5
The ApprenticeDefeat the Guardian of the Glacial Library.15
The BodyguardDefeat the Guardian of the Dune Dome.15
The False ProphetDefeat the one who sits at the top of the Tower.25
The FamiliarDefeat the Guardian of the Lost Wreckage.15
The New Demon LordA sad end for a naive adventurer...15
The Plot ThickensBe recognized as a master of the Stranger Archetype.15
The SteedDefeat the Guardian of the Magma City.15
The UsurperDefeat the one who stole tomorrow.50
Towards the FutureComplete all of Master Stranger's challenges.30
Traveler MasteryBe recognized as a master of the Traveler Archetype.15
Treasure HuntingTell your first tale to the Innkeeper.5
Trinket EnthusiastGet all curios.100
True DrafterUnlock all achievements.100
Uncut GemBecome Master Warden's disciple.5
Warden MasteryBe recognized as a master of the Warden Archetype.15