Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
Back to Reality (10 points)Complete 3 VR areas.
Beast Master (40 points)Find and defeat 10 or more Guardian Bossfights.
Clone Survival (20 points)Craft 10 items.
Coder (20 points)Hack 100 Uplink Terminals.
Cryo Mod (40 points)Find and get the Cryo Mod Upgrade for the Charger Gun.
Cyber Mage (10 points)Have all weapons and drones equipped.
Deep Learning (50 points)Master all skills in one of the skill trees.
Experiment Zero (35 points)Find Dr. Samonts TestLab and talk to Experiment Zero.
Explorer (20 points)Discover 3 secret areas.
Human 2.0 (75 points)Reach clone power level 20.
Master Blaster (100 points)Discover 40+ map areas.
Multiverse (120 points)Unlock 2 of 3 game endings.
Nade Pong (30 points)Find the hidden Nade Pong Arena and reach a Score greater than 10.
Orb Guardian (20 points)Defeat the first Orb Guardian.
Over 9000 (24 points)Kill 3 or more enemies with one charged shot.
R3B00T (50 points)Defeat the first Emperor AI.
Rage Quit (1 points)Die and re-clone more 20 times.
Road Trip (10 points)Unlock and ride the car in the bay garage.
The Blaster (35 points)Unlock, craft and upgrade the Blaster to V3.
The Charger (40 points)Unlock, craft and upgrade the Charger to V3.
The Lancer (40 points)Unlock, craft and upgrade the Lancer to V3.
The World is yours (10 points)Complete the tutorial areas and unlock the teleporter.
ULTRAG34R (200 points)Complete a New Game + on any slot.