Clash: Artifacts of Chaos (Xbox One)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Amokuali TowerReached the highest elevation point in the Northern Ruins.15
Armor CollectorObtained eighteen pieces of armor.90
ArmoredObtained nine pieces of armor.35
Broken ReflectionDefeated Nightmare Gemini.90
Corwid HillReached the highest elevation point in the Corwid Woods.15
DeclawingDefeated Claw.35
DreamwalkerObtained fourteen body parts for the night avatar.35
Enemies of FateDefeated the Director.35
FreedomDefeated the Outcast.35
Omnia Vincit AmorDefeated Gemini.90
Over the MoonDefeated Moon-Sun.90
Red in Tooth and ClawDefeated Nightmare Claw.90
Stilt HouseReached the highest elevation point in the Swamp.15
Target PracticeHit all targets with rocks while training at the parry machine.15
The Bigger They AreDefeated Wrehgg.35
The Pride of MoozhawCreated five weapons.15
Total EclipseDefeated Nightmare Moon-Sun.90
Vivid DreamsObtained 28 body parts for the night avatar.90
WinnerDefeated Axylon.35
Your Training ContinuesLearned four special attacks other than the Spin Kick.15
Your Training Is CompleteFound all special attacks.35