Cat and Ghostly Road (Xbox One)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
BogymanFind the House Spirit.60
Cloud Old ManTalk to the Cloudy Old Man.30
DiplomatMake a deal with the Lantern Ghost.30
DragonHelp the carp.30
Flower of the deadFind the Dead Flower.60
FriendlyTalk to the Old Spider.30
FrightGet scared.30
Heart combinerHelp the Mushroom Princess.60
Mask of human catGet the cat-human mask.30
Meeting a beautiful strangerTalk to the beautiful stranger at the market.60
Mistress YinTalk to Lady Yin.60
MusicianPlay the Okarina.50
Phoenix FeatherFind Phoenix's feather.50
PoisonBuy poison.60
RatcatcherGet rid of rats from the ship.50
SaviorRelease the Cat Girl.30
Scary stampFind the scary stamp.50
Sign Of Light and DarknessReceived the sign of light and darkness.60
Stamp of the masterGet the master's stamp.30
Traveler between the worldsTake the Traveling Mushroom with you.60
WinDefeat the Demon.80