BROK the InvestiGator (Xbox One)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Ads FanGet all the game ads to unlock an extra scene.50
All MaterialsFind all the materials Shay needs.30
Bear CopPrint R.J.'s picture with the identikit.10
Best StudentGet a better final score than Klay.50
Chapter 1 completedFinish Chapter 1.30
Chapter 2 completedFinish Chapter 2.30
Chapter 3 completedFinish Chapter 3.30
Chapter 4 completedFinish Chapter 4.30
Chapter 5 completedFinish Chapter 5.30
Chapter 6 completedFinish Chapter 6.30
ChipmunkDrink the water from Dr Mink's sink too many times.10
Food ThiefSteal food whenever possible (outside of fights)30
Hard To Wake UpWake up a key character by jumping on them several times.10
Highway SurvivalSurvive more than ten seconds on foot on the highway.10
Introduction completedFinish the game introduction.30
It's In My NatureMake Brok Swim for ten seconds in the swamp in Shay's Garage.10
Main EndingsGet all the main game endings to unlock an extra scene.100
Master of MattressesJump on every bed.30
PacifistPlay from the beginning and reach an ending without beating any enemy in direct combat (tutorial exc)100
Paw MusicPlay the piano for ten seconds by walking on it.10
Pushy, pushyKeep pushing characters around in the laboratory.10
Secret LockerTranslate the game language and find the code to unlock the locker.50
Sugar Pills LoverBuy all the medicine in the pharmacy.30
Summary FilledUncover all the nodes in the summary.100
The World Is My DoormatJump on every desk and/or table until it triggers NPC dialogue.30
Toilets TormentorHarass the man in the potty over the three days.10
Tramp SaverKeep the Tramp alive for the whole game.70
Worst. Investigator. Ever.Attempt to hit every character in the game at least once (outside of fights, Tribots and regular rat.30
Your Days Are NumberedHave Brok's health evaluated at the pharmacy.10