Botany Manor (Xbox One)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
Art LoverInspect Arabella's paintings.20
Ash PlumeGrow the Ash Plume.30
BoomCreate a faulty mix of chemicals in the flash lamp.20
Botanical ResearcherComplete all the plants in the Herbarium.100
Brook ChaliceGrow the Brook Chalice.30
Clean and TidyFlush the toilet.20
CrackGerminate the Ash Plume seed.20
Cradle FernGrow the Cradle Fern.30
Fixer UpperFix the Orangery staircase.20
Flower ArrangingPlace a plant on every saucer in the Flower Room.20
Fool's EmeraldGrow the Fool's Emerald.30
FroggerFind a way to cross the pond.20
FulguriaGrow the Fulguria.30
Grandma's VaultUnlock Grandma's vault.20
Green ThumbsGrow the same plant three times or more.20
Help?Signal S.O.S. on the telegraph.20
History SleuthFind the secret priest hideout.20
In The BinThrow a flower in the bin.20
Let me in!Shake a locked door.20
LockpickerOpen the letter lock.20
MountaineerGo to the top of the tower.20
NightfallGrow the Nightfall.30
OsciletteGrow the Oscilette.30
PhotographerTake a picture of a flower that's not the Fulguria.20
Piano WomanPlay the harpsichord.20
Pixie TearsGrow the Pixie Tears.30
Quack Quack Quack Quack!Inspect all the ducks.60
Quack QuackInspect a duck.20
Sapphire GloomGrow the Sapphire Gloom.30
Springdance ShrubGrow the Springdance Shrub.30
Take A NapSit on a garden bench for one minute or more.20
Take a breakSit down on a seat.20
The EndReach the end of the game.60
Who needs a plumber?Connect all the pipes.20
Windmill WortGrow the Windmill Wort.30
WolfgloveGrow the Wolfglove.30