Animal Shelter Simulator (Xbox One)

Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A home without a cat is just a houseFinally a new home.5
Additional lawnFirst upgrade, a little more space to run.5
Animal DoctorYou've done all the types of treatment. Now you're a real expert!15
Animal loverAfter five hours you look very professional.30
Are you proud of yourself?!What kind of caretaker loses their pet...5
At full capacity10 pets at once makes the shelter really crowdy. I'm shocked you're still keeping it together! Good.20
Bad peopleYou did what you considered the best for the animal. It'll be safer under your care.5
BankruptSave up, they said... Now you have nothing!15
Beginner photographerFive first photos - your career starts now!5
BuddiesTwo pets - two times the mess.5
BuilderThree buildings at 3rd level!20
Catch!Good boi! fifteen catches!5
DecoratorFifty decorations in your shelter! Well done, it's so pretty now!30
DeveloperYou've built all of the building types!50
Dot huntingEat the dot, eat the dot... at least ten times!5
Everybody knows meMaximum reputation! Animals dream of being under your care!30
Express washYou washed a dog under one minute? Let's hope it was done properly?15
First paycheckYour first $1000.5
First-class pattingTwenty animals pet. It's so nice, feels so much better.15
Getting crowded100 animals have walked through your shelter! AMAZING!50
Great friendsFive snacks!5
It'll be allright!Your first pet on board.5
It's getting louderThree stars! Even the newspapers are mentioning us!15
It's just a beauty mark...but why is it moving?5
Just five more minutes, mom!Excuse me, who gave you permission to wake this baby up?!30
Know-it-allNow you know everything, the game is an open book for you.15
Like a donut in butterThere's nothing better than family.5
National 1st PlaceYou achieved 1st place in your country.50
New careerYour first star.5
New employeeFirst hour of work!15
Our small house5th pet with a chance of a better life.5
Pat pat!How nice, ten pat-pats!5
PhotomodelAfter ten photos this animal can be a real top model.5
Pro photographerFifty photos?! You've got some experience, indeed!40
Real animal loverYou could use a third hand. You pat-patted fifty animals!30
Regional 1st PlaceYou achieved 1st place in your region.25
Responsible caretakerYou're giving a good example with cleaning that poop.5
Rich guy$100.000?! How are you going to spend that?50
Safe space30th pet under your care. You're a really good person!25
Safe spotTen happy families.5
Sand cakeWoah, 10 litterboxes! That's plenty of cleaning, but satisfaction is guaranteed!10
Sand castle20 litterboxes clean. Great collection of treasures!15
SandpitNo one likes the toilet smell, so you cleaned your first litterbox.5
Serious businessWow, it's $50.000 already!25
Shelter residentTen hours?! Are you living here or what?50
ShopaholicYep, great shopping indeed. You bought everything you could buy. What now?15
Snack guyThirty snacks? You know they're gonna be fat, right?15
Spring cleaningCleaning control over 95%5
The clean guy5th time over 95%! It's so clean you can eat straight off the floor.25
The happy endingFifty animals with new lives - all thanks to you!25
Villa with a poolThe biggest upgrade! What are you going to do with such a big lot?!30
Washy-washy!First wash with no complications.5
Waste exportWhere's the garbage truck? We've got 25 carton boxes to utilize!5
Well-bredThis animal is almost perfect! How did you manage to achieve it?!10
What a clever student!Now you know exactly what to do.5
World 1st PlaceYou achieved 1st place in the world!75