Treasures of the Aegean

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
An uncomfortable pastComplete Linn's flashback.Silver
Antique expertFind fifty treasures.Gold
Dodge a BulletEscape from a shooting enemy.Bronze
Embrace of BansabiraUnlock Bansabira's power.Silver
Gust of AriadnhUnlock Ariadnh's power.Silver
Into The UnknownComplete the tutorial.Bronze
Kiss of KitaneUnlock Kitane's power.Silver
Old FiendMeet Linn.Bronze
Priestess VarunaReveal the story of Varuna.Silver
Professional ThiefSteal the Minotaur Urn.Silver
Relic aficionadoFind ten treasures.Silver
Spooky InformatorsInteract with all spirits.Gold
The Beautiful MelodyActivate the music machine.Silver
The End Of The World?Complete the first loop.Gold
The EndComplete the game.Gold
The EscapeEscape from the explosion.Bronze
The Eye Of The GodsActivate the temple machine.Silver
The King's ThroneActivate the throne machine.Silver
The Missing PiecesComplete the Prophecy.Gold
The Paris EscapeComplete the Paris Flashback.Silver
The Story of MinosReveal King Mino's past.Gold
Total AegeanComplete all trophies.Platinum
Treasure hunterFind all treasures.Gold
What A Relic!Find the first treasure.Bronze
What Was That?Interact with a spirit.Bronze