Togges (PlayStation 5)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
A Gazillion of ToggesSpread one million Togges.Bronze
AlphabeticCollect all the Letters.Gold
Baby DragonsFind all the baby dragons at the Medieval Moon.Bronze
Cake PrincessGet the attention of the Cake Princess.Bronze
Can you pet the dog?Pet the dog at the Wind Hills.Bronze
Carrot Cake KingdomArrive at the Carrot Cake.Bronze
Chocolate WayCollect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Carrot Cake.Silver
Collect-A-ThonCollect all the collectibles.Gold
DJ LeoComplete half of DJ Leo’s challenge.Bronze
Empress MinisterBeat the Empress Minister of the Voids.Silver
Endless WallArrive at the Endless Wall.Bronze
Flag RepublicCollect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Radio Savannah.Silver
Galactic TurquoiseCollect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Medieval Moon.Silver
Get out of here!Erase 1000 Togges at once with the Rubber.Bronze
HarvArrive at Harv.Bronze
HungryCollect all the Fruits.Gold
King PresidentMeet the King President.Bronze
King Richard XVWake Up King Richard XV.Bronze
KitesFind all the kites at the Wind Hills.Bronze
Medieval MoonArrive at Medieval Moon.Bronze
Night CityFind all the shells at the Carrot Cake.Bronze
Not like this...Spread Togges on top of the OS ship, not inside.Bronze
ParkourFind all the flags at the Radio Savannah.Bronze
Phantom ForestCollect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Harv.Silver
Radio SavannahArrive at Radio Savannah.Bronze
RootsCollect all the Seeds.Gold
Scarecrow BaronScare away the crows for the Scarecrow Baron.Bronze
TOOMBACollect a seed using the Ground Stomp.Bronze
The TruthDiscover the truth with the Lord of Doors.Bronze
The UnknownCollect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Endless Wall.Silver
Togge ConstellationCollect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Togge Palace.Silver
Togge PalaceReturn to the Togge Palace.Bronze
Togges and VoidsComplete the game and take a picture with the crew!Silver
Universe Dominator... JuniorCollect all the trophies.Platinum
Valley of the VillainsCollect all Fruits, Seeds and Letters at the Wind Hills.Silver
Very well. Mind you! Well, then...Find all the Triplets.Silver
What does the fox say?Find all the Fox at the Harv.Bronze
Wind HillsArrive at the Wind Hills.Bronze
WiseClimb to the top of Harv.Bronze