Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator (PlayStation 5)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
Art LoverFind all mural collectibles.Silver
Beginner's LuckComplete your first ride as a taxi driver.Bronze
Big BossHire an employee driver.Silver
City CruiserCover 100 km in a single career.Bronze
Clean and TidyWash your car at every car wash in the city.Bronze
Eco-friendlyRecharge your car at every charging station in the city.Silver
Experienced DriverCover 300 km in a single career.Silver
First StepsSuccessfully complete at least 10 rides.Bronze
First UpgradeBuy and equip a new car part.Bronze
Fleet CommanderHave five employee drivers hired that are actively on a shift at the same time.Gold
Gas HopperRefuel your car at all of the gas stations.Bronze
I Like This JobSuccessfully complete at least 75 rides.Silver
IntermediateReach level 15.Bronze
Journey of a LifetimeCover 500 km in a single career.Gold
Journeyman DriverSuccessfully complete at least 50 rides.Bronze
JuniorReach level 10.Bronze
King of the RoadCover 200 km in a single career.Bronze
Master of People TransportationSuccessfully complete at least 100 rides.Silver
Mid-levelReach level 20.Silver
New RidePurchase a new car.Bronze
NoviceReach level 5.Bronze
Professional Driver's LicenseComplete the driving school tutorial.Bronze
SeniorReach level 30.Gold
Small TravelerCover 50 km in a single career.Bronze
SpecialistReach level 25.Silver
Taxi DriverSuccessfully complete at least 25 rides.Bronze
Taxi LifeGet all the trophies.Platinum
Tour GuideFind all monument collectibles.Gold
True ProfessionalSuccessfully complete at least 150 rides.Gold
VoyagerCover 400 km in a single career.Silver
Young DriverCover 10 km in a single career.Bronze