SpiderHeck (PlayStation 5)


Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
9th Wave of HeckGet to wave 9 in Survival.Bronze
BIGGEST BOOMMake the biggest single explosion possible.Silver
Congratulations, you winGet to wave 50 in Survival.Gold
DOUBLE THE POWER!Get a level 2 perk in Survival.Bronze
Don't do itFind the beginning of the secret lobby area.Silver
Don't let goDamage someone with an unequipped Laser Canon.Bronze
Environmental WarfareHave an ai enemy die to the death zone.Bronze
Friendship!Get a draw.Bronze
God of HeckObtain all Trophies.Platinum
Handle with careDamage someone with an unequipped Death Ray.Bronze
How are you still alive?Get to wave 36 in Survival.Gold
I like it hereChoose the same map again.Bronze
I'll try spinningHold the web for 10 seconds.Silver
Intern of HeckComplete 3 Tiers of Heck challenges.Silver
Just a TasteGet your first perk in Survival.Bronze
Knight of HeckComplete 18 Tiers of Heck challenges.Gold
Like in the simulationsHit a reflected shot.Silver
Little bit of everything!Get 10 different perks in Survival.Silver
Living MineAttach a mine to a living character.Silver
Master of HeckComplete 27 Tiers of Heck challenges.Gold
OofDamage four characters in one explosion.Silver
Please stop...Get to wave 70 in Survival.Gold
Should be dead by now!Get to wave 27 in Survival.Silver
Still StandingGet to wave 18 in Survival.Silver
That Awkward First GameComplete a game of Versus.Bronze
The Training BeginsComplete 1 Tiers of Heck challenge.Bronze
Warrior of HeckComplete 9 Tiers of Heck challenges.Silver
Was it worth it?Reach the secret area in the lobby.Gold
Watch your step!Die in the death zone while in the lobby.Bronze
What did you expectPick Nothing perk.Bronze