Soulstice (PlayStation 5)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
A legend among ChimerasComplete the game on Transcended difficulty.Gold
A powerful aura was hereWitness the first Echo.Bronze
Back to your sensesRecover from the Berserk state.Bronze
Bring it on!Complete one Chapter on any difficulty, obtaining Diamond.Bronze
Call this the Judge's mercyDefeat 500 Possessed.Bronze
Chaos be damned!Perform all four Rapture finishing moves.Bronze
Counting on youAbsorb the second crystal.Bronze
Here to stayEncounter Hannah.Bronze
I feel drawn to itAbsorb the first crystal.Bronze
I know how to handle itUpgrade Entropy to max level.Silver
I took a riskEnd a fight with a Rapture finishing move.Bronze
I'm just warming upComplete game on Initiate difficulty, obtaining Platinum or above.Silver
I've been waiting for this!Complete all Challenges obtaining Diamond.Gold
It's only painUpgrade Health to max level.Silver
Let's raise the stakes!!Obtain at least 3000 points from bonuses in a fight.Bronze
May the Torchbearer light our wayComplete Chapter 1.Bronze
No damsels in distressComplete the game on Knight difficulty.Silver
Not even from this worldFind the stranger from another world.Bronze
Pride is a sin, young KnightDefeat more enemies than Donovan in Chapter 4.Bronze
Rumors are trueMeet Donovan, The Shadeless.Bronze
Settle this once and for allComplete all Challenges.Silver
Something... unnaturalDefeat the Harbinger on Transcended difficulty, obtaining Diamond.Silver
The Ashen KnightPurchase all of Briar's skills.Silver
The ShadePurchase all of Lute's skills.Silver
The Solstice of SoulsCollect all Trophies.Platinum
The immortal is bound to rebornComplete the game on Chimera difficulty.Silver
The touch of ChaosDiscover the first Challenge.Bronze
Their fate is sealedPrevent the Weavers from reviving each other.Bronze
There's too many of them!Have Lute destroy every clone of Arrowhead on her own.Bronze
They tricked meUnveil the Weavers' deception.Bronze
They wanted yet another monster...Complete game on Chimera difficulty, obtaining Platinum or above.Gold
They won't last longDefeat 500 Corrupted.Bronze
This is the endReveal the last Memory.Bronze
Through the VeilDefeat 500 Wraiths.Bronze
We can choose to fightComplete the game.Gold
We learned it the hard wayComplete game on Knight difficulty, obtaining Platinum or above.Silver
We need to talkConfront Donovan.Bronze
We strike as onePerform one Synergy attack with each weapon in the same Chapter.Bronze
We'll be carefulMaster the Rapture state.Bronze
You want more? I've got more!Complete one Chapter on Knight or higher difficulty, without being hit once.Bronze
Your wounds... They are healing so fast!Recover more than half of your health in a fight, without using consumable items.Bronze