Slave Zero X (PlayStation 5)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
"Friendly" FireUnknowingly commit Fratricide.Silver
Absolute SyncFully upgrade Shou's attributes.Silver
Ball is LifeMake a free-throw!Silver
Beloved by the BulletDefeat Enyo Second of the Five Calamities.Silver
Both halves of hopeView all story scenes.Bronze
Chosen ExecutionerClear all levels with an 'S' rating.Silver
Crimson AngelUnlock all of the trophies.Platinum
Dark HistorianUnlock all lore.Silver
Fatal SyncAchieve a 50-hit combo.Bronze
Forbidden KnowledgeDiscover a hidden technique.Silver
GENERAL HERCULES J. THORMANDefeat The Iron General, Hercules J. Thorman - First of the Five Calamities.Silver
Getting into KnivesBomb, rope, lamp oil, you got it!Silver
God SpeedComplete the game in one sitting under two hours.Gold
Heaven above HellsClear Zone 6.Silver
Hell of Broken BodiesClear Zone 2.Bronze
Hell of IronClear Zone 5.Bronze
Hell of Many ColorsClear Zone 3.Bronze
Hell of Rising MistsClear Zone 1.Bronze
Hell of a Hundred DevilsClear Zone 4.Bronze
Hell's Own JudgeDefeat Regent Wuguan Fourth of the Five Calamities.Silver
Hit the tatami matsEnter the training room.Bronze
Hollow imitationOvercome Atavaka.Silver
How the sausage is madeTurn 20 enemies into a fine red mist.Bronze
I like clubsGet down in the disco.Bronze
Love Always RemainsOvercome your lover.Silver
MortalOvercome your enemy.Gold
Our BodyOvercome your ally.Silver
Our Finest CustomerShop till you drop (dead)Bronze
Promotion DeniedDeny a man his well earned pay raise.Bronze
Red DevilEnter the Megacity.Bronze
Shou TimeGet an 'S' rating.Silver
SpectacleAchieve a 20-hit combo.Bronze
Spell capture failed!Time out Devil's Precipitation.Gold
Sword SaintParry 30 attacks.Bronze
The Fire From HeavenDefeat Uriel Third of the Five Calamities.Silver
You want it?Browse the shop.Bronze