Saviorless (PlayStation 5)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
A Glimmer of HopeActivate the ray cannon.Bronze
Arboreal SprinterSurvive the Spectral Reaver chase.Silver
Bird HunterSneak and scare away the glowing heron.Bronze
Candle WhispererDefeat Nento.Silver
Dark GroovyCollect the Fossilized Earthworm in the Hunters Cave.Gold
Friend's GratitudeRescue Antar from Nento's grip.Bronze
Immense MightBecome a Savior.Silver
Josuhas's RevengeKill the worm inside hunter Josuhas.Bronze
Make a WishShatter the herons egg on the Stereoma Beach Temple.Bronze
Marmot CharmerSet the marmot free.Bronze
Nento's AwakeningAwaken Nento from his slumber.Bronze
Nento's RevengeKill the Marmot in the Silent Forest.Silver
Nento's UprisingDefeat the intertwined souls.Silver
Nimble BoySurvive Savior Ernis chase.Silver
No Love LostCollect the Withered Flower in the Sanctuary of the Herons.Gold
Ocean TearCollect the Sea ??Shell in the Stereoma Beach Temple.Gold
Red CarpetStun the Giant Smiling Monster.Bronze
ReflectionsCollect the Broken Mirror in the Temple of the Smiling Islands.Gold
Savior MasterSurvive Nento's chase.Silver
Savior's ApprenticeReach the Smiling Islands.Bronze
Senseless MurderKill the imprisoned robot.Bronze
Smile MakerCollect the Lead Bell in the Silent Forest.Gold
The Next NarratorEarn every trophy in Saviorless.Platinum
The Path of the CometAscend to become the new Narrator.Gold
VanitasDefeat Nento inside the giant tree.Silver
Who saved the Saviors?Descend to become the guardian of the Red Fortress.Silver
With the Lights OutKill the infested hunter on the Back Pond.Silver