Pacific Drive (PlayStation 5)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
A Leap of FaithSuccessfully test Oppy's theory and return to her Auto Shop.Bronze
ARDA LorekeeperDiscover 600 Logbook entries.Gold
ARDA Record-KeeperDiscover 300 Logbook entries.Silver
Along for the RideReturn from the Well with Tobias' favorite cryptid equipped.Bronze
Car Of TheseusReplace all of the car's original parts.Bronze
Car WhispererDiagnose and cure a Quirk.Bronze
Certified MechanicFix six status effects on the same car component.Bronze
DIY ExpertUnlock over half of everything in the Fabrication Station.Silver
DIY MasterUnlock everything in the Fabrication Station.Gold
Driver's Ed DropoutForget to put the car in drive before hitting the gas 20 times.Bronze
Et tu?Get hit hard by your car.Bronze
Fly HomewardEscape through a Gateway while the car's wheels are airborne.Bronze
Fully OutfittedEquip or install something in every possible slot on the car.Silver
Garage BarrageInstall every Auto Shop station and upgrade.Silver
GraverobberDiscover your Remnant Ghost, and retrieve any lost items or equipment it held.Bronze
Great Scott!Reach 88mph.Bronze
Hack the Planet!Find Oppy's secret hideaway in the Auto Shop, and deliver the hard drive she stashed in there to Francis and Tobias.Bronze
I Don't Know What I ExpectedDeconstruct a resource.Bronze
Into the WildernessInstall the Zone Scanner above the Auto Shop.Bronze
Investigate the ZoneReturn to the Auto Shop after scanning five Anomalies or resources.Bronze
It Would Take a MiracleComplete a run with at least four junctions, and without breaking or removing any car parts.Bronze
Juiced UpComplete a run with at least two junctions, and with twice the anchor charge necessary to escape through the Gateway.Bronze
Just Walk it OffGet electrocuted, acid-burned, and physically hurt all within a minute.Bronze
Long HaulDrive an exceptional distance.Bronze
LumberjackDestroy 1,000 trees.Bronze
No ParkingComplete a run with at least three junctions, and without the car ever being in park.Silver
Nothing Personnel, ZoneKick a Tourist, Tour Bus, or Ticking Tumbler Anomaly.Bronze
PackratLoad enough items into your car to fill 150 inventory grid slots.Bronze
Patent PendingInvent something new after installing the Zone Scanner.Bronze
Personal Methods of Creative Expression are Highly EncouragedFully decorate your car by equipping one of each kind of cosmetic item, and applying a paint or decal to installed car parts in every possible slot.Bronze
Platinum TrophyUnlock all trophies.Platinum
Renewable PowerFully charge a car battery from under 50% using only natural energy sources.Bronze
Running on EmptyComplete a run with at least two junctions, and with the car always having a low or empty fuel tank.Bronze
Scientific PursuitScan an Anomaly while the storm is approaching.Bronze
Sleight of HandDistract an Anomaly with a light source.Bronze
Stabilizing the RouteActivate the Zone Stabilizers in the Outer Zone, and escape back to the Auto Shop.Bronze
Streets AheadComplete a run with at least seven junctions.Bronze
The Anomaly BarricadeOvercharge the car's ARC Device, and escape back to the Auto Shop.Bronze
The Auto ShopAfter making contact with Oppy, plan your first route into the Zone from her Auto Shop.Bronze
The Deep Zone CrossingGain access to the Deep Zone, and escape from there to the Auto Shop.Bronze
The End of the RoadReturn from the Well.Gold
The Eye of the StormEscape through a Gateway after the storm has completely collapsed.Bronze
The Mid-Zone CrossingGain access to the Mid-Zone, and escape from there to the Auto Shop.Bronze
The Red Meadow RecordsReturn to the Auto Shop after recovering data ARDA hid in the Red Meadow Research Facility.Bronze
The VisionsUncover some of the Zone’s history in the Mid-Zone, then escape back to the Auto Shop.Bronze
They Weren't Using ItLiberate and equip a part from an abandoned car.Bronze
TroubleshootingGive your car a few swift kicks (maybe it'll help?)Bronze
Watch Out for Hop-ons!Drive several miles with a Bunny on your car.Bronze
Where We're Going, We Don't Need RoadsWhile driving, remain airborne for six seconds.Bronze
With the Top DownComplete a run with at least three junctions, and without any panels, doors, or bumpers on the car at any point.Bronze