No Place Like Home (PlayStation 5)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
Captain CookCook 10 dishes in total.Silver
Chicken World CoopBefriend 15 chickens.Silver
Come here, you chicken!Befriend a chicken.Bronze
Dish it out!Cook 50 dishes in total.Silver
Dish trick!Cook a dish with three ingredients.Silver
Ellen the builderBuild 5 stations.Bronze
EntrashmentCollect 25000 trash.Silver
Factory oh!Build 25 stations.Silver
Get ready for thrashing!Collect 50000 trash.Silver
I'll be back!Destroy 250 robots.Silver
Knight's Quest 1Encounter Cornelius one time.Bronze
Knight's Quest 2Encounter Cornelius 3 times.Silver
Knight's Quest 3Encounter Cornelius 6 times.Silver
My precious!Open 50 treasure chests.Silver
No Place Like HomeUnlocked All Trophies.Platinum
No time to llamentBefriend 5 llamas.Bronze
One man's trashCollect 10,000 trash.Bronze
One, two, oatmeal!Cook a dish with one ingredient.Bronze
Prepare your trouble! Make it double!Cook a dish with two ingredients.Silver
R.O.(n)BDestroy 100 robots.Silver
RAM module uninstalledDestroy the Chonker Smasher.Silver
Recy'clinging onCollect 100 recycled material.Bronze
Robot boyDestroy 5 robots.Bronze
Robot-copDestroy 30 robots.Bronze
Size doesn't matterDestroy the Massive Devastator.Gold
Spit it out!Befriend a llama.Bronze
Survive. Adapt. RecycleCollect 2500 recycled material.Silver
The chicken whispererBefriend 5 chickens.Bronze
The recyclinatorCollect 20000 recycled material.Gold
Thief?Open 100 treasure chests.Silver
Thrashed!Collect 200000 trash.Gold
Treasure hunterOpen 10 treasure chests.Bronze
Who's that under your hat?Cook 200 dishes in total.Silver
Wild treasure huntOpen 25 treasure chests.Bronze
You're a pirate, EllenOpen your first treasure chest.Bronze