MLB The Show 24 (PlayStation 5)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
40/40 Watch?Hit a home run and steal a base with the same player in one game. (Excludes moments, simulated gameplay, joining game moments in progress)Gold
A Double Play Would Be Nice HereGet a double play to end the inning. (Excludes simulated gameplay)Bronze
Ambush!Get a hit with the first pitch of the game.Silver
Celebrity ShotDrive in a run with a pinch hitter.Bronze
Champion Of The Diamond!Achieve all Trophies in MLB The Show 24.Platinum
Chin Up ChampAs a pitcher, give up a hit on the first at-bat of an inning and then strike out the next batter. (Excludes simulated gameplay)Bronze
Derby Level DamageHit a home run over 460 ft.Bronze
Empty the TankGet a strikeout with no Energy remaining.Silver
Good GreliefWith the bases loaded and nobody out, strike out three in a row without a run scoring to end the inning. (Excludes simulated gameplay)Gold
Gotta Be Quicker Than ThatThrow out a runner going for extra bases. (Excludes simulated gameplay)Bronze
If You Stare, it Might Stay FairHit a ball that can leave the field on either side of the foul pole.Bronze
Kitchen SinkStrike a batter out by throwing at least four different pitches during the same at-bat. (Excludes simulated gameplay)Silver
Living On the FieldPlay and finish 24 games of at least 3 innings within any mode. (Excludes moments, simulated gameplay, joining game moments in progress)Gold
MadduxUsing a single pitcher, win a complete game in under 100 pitches in a full 9-inning game. (Excludes moments, simulated gameplay, joining game moments in progress)Gold
Open the Tool BoxUse two bench players in a single game. (Excludes moments, simulated gameplay, joining game moments in progress)Silver
Pure SpeedHave a runner score from first without the baseball leaving the field of play.Silver
Red Hot BaserunningIn a single inning steal second, third, and score with the same player.Gold
Save Some for TomorrowWin a game by 24 or more runs. (Excludes simulated gameplay)Gold
Setting the ToneStrike out the first batter of the game.Bronze
Speed or Luck or Both?Hit a triple. (Excludes simulated gameplay)Silver
Stay in SchoolWatch a STATCAST presentation.Bronze
Supposed to be My Day OffHave your closer get a one-out save. (Excludes simulated gameplay)Bronze
Swan Dive DefenseMake a diving catch for an out. (Excludes simulated gameplay)Silver
The Best Offense is No OffenseScore a run without getting a hit (have a run score off a walk, error, or sac fly). (Excludes simulated gameplay)Silver
Trading PlacesWith only a runner on second base, hit an RBI double. (Excludes simulated gameplay)Silver
Walk Off, Do Your DanceWin the game on a walk-off home run.Silver