Honkai: Star Rail (PlayStation 5)


Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
50 Credits!?Collect all wanted posters of the Express Crew in Belobog.Bronze
A Perfect DetectiveComplete the Companion Mission "A Knight Stranger".Bronze
A Room of One's OwnComplete exploring Simulated Universe: World 1.Bronze
Clara and the SunComplete Companion Mission "Rarely Affectionate".Bronze
Destiny Beckons (I)Possess 1 Light Cone of Lv. 40.Silver
Destiny Beckons (II)Possess 1 Light Cone of Lv. 60.Silver
Diogenes' UtopiaSee what Belobog is famous for! - You've obtained every useful prop in the trash cans!Bronze
DisposableFind and talk to all Herta puppets in the space station.Bronze
Don't Make This Too Easy (III)Reach Equilibrium Level 6.Gold
Ever-Burning AmberTread on the Path of Preservation.Gold
Farewell, Punklorde!Complete the Companion Mission "Punklorde Mentality".Bronze
For Ages 12 and UpParticipate in the Dark Fist Tournament and become the ultimate winner.Bronze
Guess Who I AmComplete Companion Mission "You Already Know Me".Bronze
Half the Wizard of OzDefeat the tin man and the little girl - Svarog and Clara became your friends!Silver
Hurt LockerSolve the crisis at the Belobog cable car station while also avoiding moral risks.Bronze
Just A NumberUse the Curio "Rating Pistol".Bronze
Karmic WheelLet the Higher Existence that lives within our hearts sigh at you - Find a way to use up your Praise of High Morals.Bronze
La La La La LandObtain the score for the phonograph from talking with Tamila at the Golden Theater.Bronze
Master Among SwordsComplete the Companion Mission "Frosty Blade's Trial".Bronze
My ApprenticeshipEnhance any character to Lv. 60.Silver
My ChildhoodEnhance any character to Lv. 40.Silver
My Heart Lies With the StarsLaunch a journey into the vast galaxy - Congratulations! You've boarded the Astral Express!Gold
Natural ImmunityObtain the recipe for fried rice from talking with Gertie at the Goethe Grand Hotel.Bronze
Serval's Faithfull: An AutobiographyComplete Companion Mission "Only A Child".Bronze
Seven Birds in the Hand Is Worth A Thousand in the BushHelp Heron Express to recover all lost cycranes.Bronze
The Banality of EvilFinish all the Fool's Box puzzles in the mission "Vessel of Mediocrity".Bronze
The Deer HunterThe furnace undoused, the deer silenced - Save the Artisanship Commission from the crisis.Silver
The Fourth Little MoleFind all hidden treasures in the Mission "The Adventurous Moles".Bronze
The Gift of the MagiComplete Companion Mission "Hook's Gift".Bronze
The Moment of Whistle BlowingAs the train whistles and departs, transcending the speed of light, human beings will travel among the stars.Platinum
The Outskirts Here Are QuietComplete Companion Mission "Blizzard Immunity".Bronze
The Sorrows of Young ArlanComplete Companion Mission "An Unexpected Turn of Events".Bronze
Tindalos PiggyCapture Warp Trotter one time.Bronze
Unopen WorldActivate 14 Space Anchors in Belobog.Bronze
Until the Light Takes UsActivate five Space Anchors in the Herta Space Station.Bronze
Where the Celestial Path May LeadActivate ten Space Anchors on the Xianzhou Luofu.Bronze
Winter City TrapFinish listening to the vagrant's rap.Bronze
Winter Is LeavingLet's change Belobog, starting with me! - Step One: Defeat Supreme Guardian Cocolia...Gold
You Should Stay in the Museum!Collect all display items for the Belobog History and Culture Museum.Silver