Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
A Proper AnswerParry and reflect a ranged attack.Bronze
All DrillersFind all hidden Drillers.Silver
Avatar ModeActivate the energy mode for the first time.Bronze
CandelarianKill the Twin Ancients.Gold
CountermeasuresParry a melee attack.Bronze
Dementulaphobia InsaneKill the Dementula Insane.Silver
DementulaphobiaKill the Dementula Boss.Silver
Doctor In The HouseHeal by using energy.Bronze
Dolmen ExpertComplete all other trophies.Platinum
Expert ForgerCraft all kinds of armors.Silver
FerronightmareKill the Ferronightmare.Silver
First Degree ContactFind a hidden Driller.Bronze
Five To RememberFind five hidden Drillers.Bronze
Gatherer Second ClassFind your first rare craft material.Bronze
Gatherer Third ClassFind your first epic craft material.Bronze
General VesibDefeat the Nikiderma Tanker.Gold
Hell TieKill the Boss Lobodja.Gold
Jumper Zallan KheepKill the Nikiderma Hunter and finish the second Act.Gold
Let Me Shine MeleeCraft all kinds of melee weapons.Silver
Let Me Shine RangedCraft all kinds of ranged weapons.Silver
Like a BossCraft any Boss special weapon.Bronze
Not On My WatchKill an enemy.Bronze
Personal SpaceAccess the spaceship for the first time.Bronze
Self EvolutionLevel up for the first time.Bronze
Short Live The QueenKill the Queen Caniptei and finish the first Act.Gold
Tharvus KheepDefeat the Boss Tharvus Kheep and finish the game.Gold
The Secret GroveReach the Secret Grove.Silver
There And Back AgainRespawn any Boss.Bronze
Vahani ArchaeologyReach Vahani Excavations.Silver
Veteran Of The Xeno WarsKill a veteran enemy.Bronze
Zimo HeadedKill a Zimodonte.Bronze