Classified: France '44 (PlayStation 5)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
33 Barrels of Oil on the WallDestroy 33 unique explosive barrels.Bronze
Amish ParadiseDestroy 15 unique vehicles.Bronze
Body CountKill 500 unique enemies.Silver
CQCKill 50 unique enemies using melee.Bronze
D-DayComplete the campaign on Recruit difficulty.Bronze
Easy As PieSuccessfully complete 10 missions with 5 stars in a single campaign.Silver
Fifty Days And Fifty NightsPlay 50 days in the campaign.Bronze
Five Star GeneralSuccessfully complete 30 different campaign missions with 5 stars.Gold
Freedom FighterSuccessfully complete 15 missions in a single campaign.Bronze
Get In Get OutSuccessfully complete a mission in 6 turns or less.Gold
Havin' A BlastKill 50 unique enemies using explosives.Bronze
HikerMove a total distance of 5000km across the campaign map.Silver
Live To FightSuccessfully complete 50 different campaign missions.Silver
Marseille MafiosoComplete a mission using the Black Homburg, Suit Jacket, Suit Trousers and Thompson .45Silver
MartyrComplete the campaign on Regular difficulty.Silver
Never Tell Me The OddsLand 6 different shots with less than 25% chance-to-hit.Bronze
No WitnessesKill 50 unique enemies while in stealth.Bronze
One Fell SwoopKill 5 unique enemies in a single turn 3 times.Silver
One Step At A TimeSuccessfully complete 10 different campaign objectives.Bronze
People PleaserRaise 5 regions to max influence simultaneously.Silver
Smooth CriminalReach max relations with the Criminals.Silver
Snappy DresserBuy 15 items of apparel.Bronze
Supply and DemandEarn 1000 supplies.Bronze
TaskmasterComplete 15 tasks.Silver
Team of Many TalentsRaise 4 characters to max level in a single campaign.Gold
That's ClassifiedI would love to tell you more, but then, of course, I'd have to kill you.Platinum
The Gang's All HereRecruit all characters.Gold
The Gaul Of ItReach max relations with the Gaullists.Silver
Totally RadicalReach max relations with the Radicals.Silver
Triple ThreatKill 3 unique enemies with a single explosion 6 times.Bronze
War HeroComplete the campaign on Elite difficulty.Gold