Beat the Beats VR (PlayStation 5)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
AnnihilatorDestroy 1000 Panels with the maximum force.Silver
Beat ItCollect all Trophies.Platinum
Bring your A gameComplete all arcade songs with at least an A grade.Gold
Champion of BeatsDestroy 25.000 Panels.Gold
Dance it!Complete Album 3.Silver
ElementalComplete the tutorial and finish your first song.Bronze
EvasiveDodge 1000 Elements.Gold
Funk it up!Complete Album 4.Silver
Get over it!Complete Album 2.Silver
Getting seriousGet a S Rank.Bronze
GuardianBlock 10.000 Elements.Gold
KeymasterUnlock all albums.Silver
Lightning StrikeDestroy a panel in less than 0.1 seconds in Quick Reaction.Silver
Now we are talkingComplete 5 songs with S Rank.Gold
OriginalsComplete Album 5.Silver
Perfectly SyncedFinish a song without a miss.Silver
ReflexComplete all Quick Reaction songs with at least an A grade.Silver
Rhythmic CommitmentComplete 5 Daily Mixes.Silver
Rhythmic JourneyPlay all Arcade songs.Silver
Rock it!Complete Album 6.Silver
Sing it!Complete Album 1.Silver
The World is MineUnlock all songs.Silver
TrainingComplete 5 songs in a session.Silver
TurntableUnlock B Sides.Silver
WeekPlay Daily Mix 7 days in a row.Silver