A Space For The Unbound (PlayStation 5)


Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 5 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
All colorful and shiny!Collect twenty bottle caps.Gold
Are you hiding any cheat sheet in your pocket, Atma?Answer Quiz Trio's quizzes.Bronze
At least have a bite. It's a delicious cake!Complete chapter 2.Silver
Atma, are you seeing this? The sky looks so beautiful right nowComplete chapter 6.Silver
Careful Atma, it's no good watching TV all dayWatch TV.Silver
Did you get prize tickets without playing any game? What a hack!Collect 14 arcade tickets for an A.Bronze
Even you tame the unfriendliest of all, that's Atma for you!Pet the unfriendly cat.Bronze
Every animal in town talk about you!Pet the fluffiest animal known to man.Gold
Fireworks sparkling beautifully, us together on a bridge, isn't it perfect?Complete chapter 3.Silver
HeheKnock the Kentongan.Silver
I'm okay now. I'm moving forwardVisit Atma.Gold
It feels like opening a box of presents, isn't it?Find what is inside the box the dog bark at.Bronze
It seems you became friends with the ball!Juggle the ball 50 times.Bronze
Look, Atma. It's you!Complete prologue.Silver
Playing game all day and no study? Ck, ck, ckReach 1700 score in Future Fighter.Silver
So, how's the movie Atma?Complete chapter 1.Silver
Thank You!Complete All Trophies.Platinum
Thank you, musicians!Listen to music and bawl my eyes out.Gold
That's a lot of jugglingJuggle the ball 70 times.Silver
The precious treasure... is my memories of youComplete chapter 5.Silver
The thrill is in collecting the letters, right?Collect all five different letters of YOMAN.Gold
This festival is indeed one big party. But why do you look upset, Atma?Complete chapter 4.Silver
We'll try philately next, right, Atma?A stamp for an O.Bronze
You did it on purpose, didn't you?Accidentally hold Raya's hand.Silver
You're the number 1 fighter in town!Beat the Future Fighter high score.Gold
You've found the once was lostPet the lost duck.Bronze