Romancing SaGa 2

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
Aqua GuardBefriended a NereidBronze
Beauty QueenDefeated RocbouquetBronze
City ThiefBefriended a VagabondBronze
Crushing Memory (secret)Defeated Crushing MemorySilver
Desert WarriorBefriended a Desert GuardBronze
Eastern SwordsmanBefriended a Levante GuardBronze
Elite WarriorBefriended an Imperial GuardBronze
Evil Memory (secret)Defeated Evil MemorySilver
ExorcistBefriended a DivinerBronze
Father's WillGerard became EmperorBronze
Final DutyBecame the Final EmperorBronze
Forbidden MagicAcquired Dark MagicSilver
Forest WarrioressBefriended an AmazonBronze
Foul PuppeteerDefeated BokhohnBronze
Friend of MusBefriended a Saigo ClansmanBronze
Friend of the SeaBefriended a DiverBronze
Great Tree of Avalon (secret)Nurtured the Avalon Tree to the fullestSilver
Ground DwellerBefriended a MoleBronze
Hero of LegendFinished the GameSilver
Knight of CumberlandBefriended a CrusaderBronze
Leader of the Seven HeroesDefeated WagnasBronze
Lizard of Volcano IslandBefriended a SalamanderBronze
Longit CorsairBefriended an Armed MerchantBronze
Martial Art ExpertBefriended a BrawlerBronze
Mastermind of WarBefriended a StrategistBronze
Maze MasterBefriended a NinjaBronze
Other Legend (secret)Finished Game without Final EmperorGold
Power HungryDefeated DantargBronze
Prize InventionBefriended CoppeliaBronze
Proud FighterDefeated NoelBronze
Ruined Memory (secret)Defeated Ruined MemorySilver
Ruler of the SeaDefeated SubierBronze
Runic ScholarBefriended a Mage for HireBronze
Savannah ChaserBefriended a HunterBronze
Self-Aware AutomatonCoppelia became EmperorBronze
Sinful Memory (secret)Defeated Sinful MemorySilver
Soul EaterDefeated KzinssieBronze
Steppe FarerBefriended a NomadBronze
Successor (secret)Won Against VictorGold
Terrifying Presence (secret)Defeated Dread QueenGold
Trophy CollectorAcquired all trophiesPlatinum
Watchman PurgeDefeated the WatchmenBronze
Wind ManipulatorBefriended an IrisBronze