Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator (PlayStation 4)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
A Promise FulfilledComplete Robin's todo list.Gold
And A New Day BeginsComplete day 1.Bronze
Beaukay'sSell your first bouquet.Bronze
Budding GardenerPlant 50 flowers.Silver
Cats. Pet. Yes.Pet the cat 50 times.Bronze
Clean-up MaestroClear the rubble.Bronze
Garden ArchitectCustomize your garden 30 times.Silver
Garden VarietyHave a flower of each species in your garden simultaneously.Silver
Gnome Sweet GnomeHave all the gnomes in your garden.Bronze
Gourd-geous PumpkinHave all the pumpkins in the garden.Bronze
Green ThumbComplete the tutorial.Bronze
Greenhouse GuruUnlock the greenhouse.Bronze
Harvest TimeHarvest 1000 seeds.Silver
Help WantedComplete a request.Bronze
Helping HandComplete 50 requests.Silver
HoarderHave 50 decoration items in your garden simultaneously.Silver
I Want It All!Complete the plant book.Silver
I'm Rich!Earn 50,000 florins in total.Gold
Koi-lect Them All!Make the fish appear in the pond.Bronze
Literary OdysseyFind all the books.Bronze
Master CrafterCraft 100 items.Silver
Moisturize Me!Water plants 1000 times.Bronze
Pest ControlRemove 1000 pests.Silver
Restoration MaestroRebuild the bridge.Bronze
Sculptor ExtraordinaireComplete all statues in the pavilion.Silver
Sculptor RookieComplete your first pavilion statue.Bronze
Seasonal ShiftExperience your first seasonal change.Bronze
Seasoned GardenerComplete a year in a garden.Gold
Sky Is The LimitReach the highest point in the garden.Bronze
Snailed It!Stack a snail on top of another snail.Bronze
Snip SnipPrune a plant for the first time.Bronze
Soil MatesComplete everything in Garden Life.Platinum
Street ShenanigansGet 50 soda cans.Bronze
There's More?Harvest a new seed variant for the first time.Bronze
Timeless SeatingSit on a bench.Bronze
Toadally AwesomeHave all the frogs in your garden.Bronze
Tool TimeCollect all of the tools.Silver
Tools But BetterCollect all tool variants.Silver