Freedom Planet 2 (PlayStation 4)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
Album AficionadoCollect 88 vinyl tracks.Bronze
Back Before BreakfastComplete the game with a total best stage time of less than four hours. (Excludes Battlesphere challenges)Silver
Battlesphere Boss BreakerClear all Battlesphere boss rematches.Silver
Battlesphere ChampionClear all Battlesphere challenges.Bronze
Battlesphere LegendAchieve a rank of S in every Battlesphere challenge.Gold
Best Baseball BatterClear all Home Run maps with 10000 points or more.Bronze
Call of the WildcatClear the game as Carol.Silver
Celebrity PersonTalk to 80 citizens.Bronze
Classic Mode Unlocked!Clearing Adventure mode with any character allows you to play Classic mode.Bronze
Dragon MasterBeat the par times in all stages as Lilac.Gold
Dragon PowerClear the game as Lilac.Silver
Frost Knight MasterBeat the par times in all stages as Neera.Gold
Hero of AvaliceObtain all other trophies.Platinum
Hound MasterBeat the par times in all stages as Milla.Gold
Memories of the PastCollect 13 time capsules.Bronze
Patron of the ArtsRestore all museum exhibits.Bronze
PerfectionAchieve a rank of S in every stage.Gold
Silver Badge AcquiredObtain 1 silver badge.Bronze
Silver Badge CollectorObtain 10 silver badges.Bronze
Silver Badge HobbyistObtain 20 silver badges.Silver
Silver CompletionistObtain all silver badges.Gold
Slightly DefrostedClear the game as Neera.Silver
Sparring BuddyDefeat all sparring opponents in Gong's dojo.Bronze
Spirit of the HoundClear the game as Milla.Silver
Treasure HunterCollect 30 items.Bronze
True LoveClear the game with all 13 time capsules collected.Silver
Wildcat MasterBeat the par times in all stages as Carol.Gold