Fighting EX Layer

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
All In!Perform 3 Super Combos in one combo.Bronze
Battle Scarred Veteran (secret)Play 10 Ranked Matches with high ranked players.Silver
Break The Limit (secret)Perform 4 Super Combos in one combo.Silver
Combo Artist (secret)Perform a 20 hit combo.Silver
Combo Expert: AllenDeal over 90 damage with an Allen combo.Bronze
Combo Expert: BlairDeal over 90 damage with a Blair combo.Bronze
Combo Expert: DarunDeal over 90 damage with a Darun combo.Bronze
Combo Expert: DoctrineDeal over 80 damage with a Doctrine combo.Bronze
Combo Expert: GarudaDeal over 90 damage with a Garuda combo.Bronze
Combo Expert: HayateDeal over 90 damage with a Hayate combo.Bronze
Combo Expert: JackDeal over 100 damage with a Jack combo.Bronze
Combo Expert: KairiDeal over 90 damage with a Kairi combo.Bronze
Combo Expert: SananeDeal over 85 damage with a Sanane combo.Bronze
Combo Expert: ShadowgeistDeal over 80 damage with a Shadowgeist combo.Bronze
Combo Expert: ShiraseDeal over 85 damage with a Shirase combo.Bronze
Combo Expert: SkullomaniaDeal over 80 damage with a Skullomania combo.Bronze
Combo Master (secret)Perform a 30 hit combo.Gold
Combo SpecialistPerform a 10 hit combo.Bronze
Complete Shutout (secret)Win 1 Round without letting your opponent activate any Gougi.Silver
Counterattack (secret)Perform 30 Reversal Attacks.Bronze
Damage DealerDeal over 80 damage in a combo.Silver
Easy Prey (secret)Land 5 Hard Attacks on a crouching opponent.Bronze
FIGHTING EX LAYER Platinum TrophyEarn all trophies.Platinum
Flawless Victory (secret)Win 1 Round with a Perfect.Bronze
Gougi Master (secret)Active Gougi 200 times in Online Matches.Gold
Gougi Scientist (secret)Activate 15 different Gougi in Online Matches.Silver
Gougi User (secret)Use 5 different Decks in Ranked Matches.Silver
Hard Puncher (secret)Deal over 100 damage in a combo.Silver
Iron Wall (secret)Escape 10 throws.Bronze
Kumite Master (secret)Win against the Dummy 10 times in a row in Training Mode.Silver
Kumite PractitionerWin against the Dummy 3 times in a row in Training Mode.Bronze
Mark of a Researcher (secret)Use the Record and Playback function in Training Mode.Bronze
Milestone of Strength (secret)Play 10 Ranked Matches.Silver
Path of a Legend (secret)Play 30 Ranked Matches.Gold
Progressive PlayerSelect the Progressive Input method.Bronze
Steadfast (secret)Tech 30 times.Bronze
Super Juggler (secret)Keep your opponent airborne for 10 seconds in a combo.Silver
Tempered Spirit (secret)Deal over 500000 damage total in Training Mode.Silver
The Journey BeginsPlay a Ranked Match.Bronze
The World is VastAfter playing a Ranked Match, looked at the Leader Board.Bronze
World Domination (secret)Play a match on 10 different stages.Silver