Espire VR Operative (PlayStation 4)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
#VROperatorComplete all missions on VR Operative difficulty.Silver
Badge CollectorGet at least 1 of every playstyle badge.Gold
Close CallAvoid being fried by the Destroyer Drone.Bronze
Combat MasterComplete all Virtual Challenges in the COMBAT Category.Bronze
Dat's It!Complete all Espire Trials.Gold
Free SoloClimb up the centre ventilation shaft.Silver
Freeze!Hold up our freeze guard in Marion Lower.Bronze
From AboveSquash our freeze guard in Marion Lower.Bronze
Full SynchronizationAchieve a rank of YYY.Bronze
Get LowCrouch for the first time.Bronze
Going UpActivate the elevator.Bronze
Halfway ThereComplete 10 Espire Trials.Gold
Hold onto Your Butts!In Reech Division, power down the generator room.Bronze
Just Getting StartedAchieve a rank of XXX.Bronze
Lab WorkPossess the Espire Beta Unit for the first time.Bronze
Lunch Break's OverGain access to the Research Sector through the airlock.Bronze
Lurking in the ShadowsGet the Ghost Playstyle badge for the first time.Bronze
Model 1 ActivePossess the Espire Model 1 for the first time.Bronze
Negotiations Not RequiredIn Compound B1, rescue every hostage.Bronze
Objective MasterComplete all Virtual Challenges in the OBJECTIVE BASED Category.Silver
On TrackLocate the Data Centre.Bronze
Peaceful ResolutionGet the No Combat playstyle badge for the first time.Bronze
PuppeteerDeactivate the security lockdown.Bronze
Ready for WarProcure all campaign weapons.Gold
SalvageableIn any mission, die and then return to your crumpled Espire robot.Bronze
Stealth MasterComplete all Virtual Challenges in the STEALTH Category.Bronze
The Plight of Frank Gessesse - FinaleFind Frank's 3rd hidden gun, only completable if the other two in this series have been found.Silver
The Plight of Frank Gessesse - Part 1Find Frank's first hidden weapon - E1 Pistol.Bronze
The Plight of Frank Gessesse - Part 2Find Frank's second hidden weapon - E1 SuperNova.Silver
Time VeteranBeat the lowest time targets for all campaign missions.Silver
Tis but a ScratchGet the No Repair playstyle badge at least once on every campaign mission.Bronze
Unlimited PowerUnlock all cheats.Gold
VR Inside Your VR Inside Your VRIn Reech Division, walk into the old Control Theater.Bronze
VR OperativeAll trophies unlocked.Platinum
What a Thrill!In Ventilation System, climb to the top of the elevator shaft.Bronze
Why Would You Do That!?Destroy a laptop using your hands.Bronze