Cybertrash STATYX (PlayStation 4)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
Assassin DefeatedDefeat Assassin (2)Gold
Assassin EncounterDefeat Assassin (1)Silver
Battle Mech DefeatedDefeat Battle Mech boss.Gold
Commander DefeatedDefeat Commander boss.Gold
Cybertrash STATYX PlatinumGood job! Completed all tasks!Platinum
Dominator DefeatedDefeat Dominator.Gold
Duke DefeatedDefeat final boss.Gold
Duke EncounterDefeat Duke (1)Silver
Escaped From LabsEscape from laboratories.Silver
First Mission SuccessComplete mission 1.Silver
FreedomFinal escape.Gold
Hide and SeekHide and seek in dream.Silver
Human ModdedFirst upgrade.Silver
OnboardLast carriage.Gold
Second Mission SuccessComplete mission 2.Silver
Tag WinnerTag Winner.Gold