Cosmic Star Heroine

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
Betrayal (secret)A party member betrays you.Bronze
Bomb SquadComplete the SkyBreaker Tower scenario.Bronze
Braaaains!Defeat the ultimate zombie.Silver
CaptainCommandeer your own spaceship.Bronze
CharmingCharm an enemy.Bronze
Cosmic StarComplete the game.Gold
CrowdedGather at least 20 recruits for your ship.Gold
CrystalsDefeat the Crystal Wraith.Bronze
Dem BonesDefeat a true hero.Gold
Eldritch MasterDefeat a cosmic entity.Gold
FriendshipChat with your party members.Bronze
Full HouseGain your final party member.Silver
GourmetFind the ultimate ingredient.Bronze
GunmancerGain Chahn's ultimate ability.Silver
HeroineAchieve all possible trophies.Platinum
It's baaaack!Defeat the lab guardian.Bronze
Kaiju KillerDefeat the Blobmith.Bronze
Mad SkillsReclaim your high score.Silver
Objection!Prove your innocence.Silver
OverkillDeal over 9999 damage in a single hit.Silver
Practice Makes PerfectWin a VR Battle.Bronze
Prepare to DieWin the first battle in the game on the hardest difficulty level.Silver
PrimerDefeat the Prime Evil.Silver
Prison BreakEscape confinement.Bronze
Product PlacementShare a soda.Bronze
Rat PackScare rats away in Gehenna.Bronze
Red ButtonUse Clarke's Self-Destruct ability.Bronze
Rogue AgentDefeat the Spectral Dragon.Bronze
RPS BadgeWin every round of Rock Paper Scissors.Silver
SafehouseReach Lauren's apartment.Bronze
ScavengerDefeat a special bounty.Silver
StylishReach 300 style.Bronze
TeamworkUse a Heroine program.Bronze
VisionaryDefeat the Nightmare.Bronze

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