Blacksea Odyssey

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
A broken dream (secret)Free the alchemist in the real worldBronze
A good startComplete the first level.Bronze
Apprentice alchemistComplete 15 levelsBronze
BasiliskEquip yourself with three poison spear runes at once.Gold
Blacksea OdysseyCollect all trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.Platinum
Blood ThirsterBeat Elite Mode.Gold
BrutalityRip off 100 enemy weak points.Bronze
BruteKill an enchanted boss.Bronze
Clumsy (secret)Die outside levelsBronze
Dream jobGet all other trophiesBronze
DualshotManage to have 20 items at once.Bronze
Elite ModeBeat the game with a score of 500,000 or greater.Silver
Emerald JonesKill Leviathan.Silver
FrostEquip yourself with three ice spear runes at once.Gold
GungnirComplete the game.Silver
Huntress SpearCollect a bounty without taking damage.Gold
I might need a keyring (secret)Beat both secret levelsBronze
InfernalEquip yourself with three fire spear runes at once.Gold
Intrepid (secret)Complete the game without using hintsBronze
JudgmentComplete the Bestiary.Gold
Key SpearOpen 500 chests.Silver
Let's do it again (secret)Replay a levelBronze
LucidityClear all enemy zones in a level.Bronze
Master alchemistLearn all powersBronze
MercuryBeat the game in 60 minutes.Gold
Not afraid to ask (secret)Use a hintBronze
OblivionKill every boss in the game.Gold
Rade LawsonKill Charybdis.Silver
Sailing past the Pillars of HerculesComplete the first block of levelsBronze
Senior alchemistComplete 30 levelsBronze
Snow or neverComplete the first ice levelBronze
Sweet dreams (secret)Defeat the alchemist once and for allBronze
The dream is still alive (secret)Wake up from the dreamBronze
Things get steamyReach the final levelsBronze
ThunderboltEquip yourself with three lightning runes at once.Gold
Trap-door murderer (secret)Kill a monster with a doorBronze
Unmistaken (secret)Complete five levels without using undoBronze
What's this key for? (secret)Beat a secret levelBronze
XezemothKill Cthulhu.Silver