Bite The Bullet (PlayStation 4)

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlockType
AIT it allEat every type of robot.Silver
Always CoolGet your first flamethrower.Bronze
Apex PredatorEat every type of enemy.Gold
Are you happy now, Nick?Use a trampoline critter, then double jump, then air dash.Bronze
Beholder 2.0Beat the Eyeful.Bronze
Big BiteKill four enemies with one round.Bronze
Big-bonedConsume 100,000 fat.Silver
Boing!Get your first critter cannon.Bronze
Class WarriorGet 20 nodes in the same branch of the skill tree.Bronze
Dapper ChapperComplete the Bucephalus quest.Bronze
Dat chin thoBeat the BC3K.Bronze
DefrostUse a fire effect on a medbot.Bronze
Derpface AvianBeat the Gigavulture.Bronze
Epic LevelReach Level 20.Bronze
Fashion PlateWear four different bandanas.Silver
Get the SawdustKill ten enemies with vomit effects.Bronze
Getting ready to get readyComplete all the tutorials.Bronze
GorivoreUnlock the Gorivore Class.Bronze
HerculesConsume 100,000 protein.Silver
High VoltageEat twenty lightning geckos.Bronze
Hope they're not empty...Consume 100,000 calories.Silver
I See, I EatUnlock the I See, I Eat Class.Bronze
ImpenetrableBlock 500 rounds with the shield.Silver
It uses magnets, or something?Get your first rail gun.Bronze
Just because you can't see it doesn't mean you can't eat itEat 20 camo ghouls.Bronze
Locked and Loaded!Fully upgrade every gun.Gold
MastermindedBeat the Mastermind.Bronze
Meat MasterUnlock all the Trophies.Platinum
Meat-SeekingGet your first missile launcher.Bronze
Metabolize thisConsume 10,000 calories.Bronze
Order of CleanlinessTalk to three different janitors.Bronze
Out-konnedComplete the minotaur quest.Bronze
Power SaladEat every type of plant.Silver
Rat-a-tat-tatShot 10,000 Rounds.Bronze
Shot the snotBeat the SAMNG.Bronze
Slaughterer of the SoilUnlock the Slaughterer of the Soil Class.Bronze
SmorgasborgUnlock the Smorgasborg Class.Bronze
Spread 'emGet your first shotgun.Bronze
Tastes BallisticEat ten projectiles with the Appetite for Destruction ability.Bronze
That's a ShrapKill ten enemies with body shrapnel.Bronze
That's a lot of shakesConsume 10,000 protein.Bronze
The Mushroom ArtistDefeat ten enemies with fungus bombs.Bronze
ThornsDeal 100 damage with the thorns ability.Bronze
Time WarpSlow down 100 projectiles with the Expanded Consciousness ability.Bronze
Tremorous!Beat the Snatchoid.Bronze
Trust your Gut GunCraft you first gun.Bronze
We said "one with the tree" not "be a tree"Stay invisible for twenty seconds.Bronze
Well, I feel betterVomit ten times.Bronze
World RecordDash ten times in a row.Bronze
Wow!Unlock your first wow node.Silver
Xenorrific!Beat the Trinomorph.Bronze
Yeah, but was it saturated?Consume 10,000 fat.Bronze
You merely adopted the hunger...Beat the Flesh Golem.Bronze