Warp Drive (PC)


Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Arctic AdventurerComplete all Blizzard Gully challenges.
Became A GodEquip a Mythic car part in every slot.
Big SpenderBuy ten car parts.
Champion DriverWin a gold trophy in the Omega tournament.
Chilly ChampionWin a gold trophy in the Blizzard Gully tournament.
Ding!Reach level 10.
Drift MasterPerform a Drift Mini Boost 250 times.
Eat My Dust!Win a Rival event (Survival).
Forest FireballWin a gold trophy in the Great Mushroom Forest tournament.
Gotta Go FastBoost 1000 times.
Hit And RunSpin out an opponent.
Just Getting Started...Complete 5 challenges.
Made A Name For YourselfWin 100 events in total (Survival).
Master BoosterWin a gold trophy in the Sigma tournament.
Moving Up In The WorldBuy your first car part.
Much prettier!Buy your first paint job.
Ooh Shiny!Equip a Mythic car part.
Paid Off Your MortgageEarn 50000 coins in total.
Practice Makes PerfectComplete 20 challenges.
Professional ArtistBuy ten paint jobs.
QualifierBeat a Race Position event (Survival).
Road RageSpin out opponents 100 times.
Rolling In ItCollect 100 coins in a Bonus race event.
Sandy SpeedsterWin a gold trophy in the Jumping Dunes tournament.
SpeedrunnerWin a Time Trial event (Survival).
The Road Less TraveledWarp Grapple 250 times.
Transcended Time and SpaceWarp 1000 times.
Treetop ChallengerComplete all Great Mushroom Forest challenges.
UnbeatableGet a win streak of 30 (Survival).
Warp MasterWin a gold trophy in the Kappa tournament.
Was That Supposed To Happen?Perform a Drift Mini Boost.
Wilderness WarriorComplete all Jumping Dunes challenges.