Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin (PC)


Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Bloodied HammerWin 1 Quick Match or Ranked Match.
Breathing EasyComplete Chapter 5 of the Campaign.
Celestant-PrimeComplete the Campaign on Champion.
ChaosComplete Conquest Mode on Warrior with the Disciples of Tzeentch faction.
Chosen VictorCapture 100 Victory Points.
Dead 'Uns Didn't Get YaComplete Chapter 3 of the Campaign.
DeathComplete Conquest Mode on Warrior with the Nighthaunt faction.
DestructionComplete Conquest Mode on Warrior with the Kruleboyz faction.
Feeding ShyishDefeat 250 units.
First to be Forged, Never to Fail!Complete Chapter 7 of the Campaign.
Fool's ErrandComplete Chapter 17 of the Campaign.
For Harkanibus!Complete Chapter 14 of the Campaign.
Ghur's RulerWin every battle on a Conquest map on Warrior.
Grumblin' BelliesComplete Chapter 12 of the Campaign.
Ingredients ListComplete Chapter 9 of the Campaign.
Knight-VexillorComplete the Campaign on Warrior.
LiberatorComplete the Campaign on Lorekeeper.
Lord-CelestantComplete the Campaign on Veteran.
Met the EnemyComplete Chapter 2 of the Campaign.
More Waagh, More ProblemsComplete Chapter 6 of the Campaign.
No Corner UnclaimedWin 10 bonus battles in Conquest Mode.
OrderComplete Conquest Mode on Warrior with the Stormcast Eternals faction.
Our Own MiracleComplete Chapter 16 of the Campaign.
PathfinderComplete Chapter 1 of the Campaign.
Realm of Beasts TamedComplete Conquest Mode on Warrior without losing any lives.
Servant of the Blue RavenComplete Chapter 4 of the Campaign.
Slaughter and Siege wiv da SqueezeComplete Chapter 13 of the Campaign.
TerritorialCapture 100 Arcane Conduits.
The Artefact is MineComplete Chapter 11 of the Campaign.
The Great SchemeComplete Chapter 15 of the Campaign.
The Might of Sigmar's WarriorsComplete Chapter 18 of the Campaign.
The Value of ConquestAchieve a high score of at least 37,500 in Conquest Mode on Warrior.
Troggoff TroublesComplete Chapter 8 of the Campaign.
True CommanderWin 100 Quick Matches or Ranked Matches.
Warmaster SupremeWin 50 battles in Conquest Mode on Warrior or higher.
Who Needs Reinforcements?Complete Chapter 17 of the Campaign on Warrior without Iden being defeated.
You da Boss, NowComplete Chapter 10 of the Campaign.