Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
12:00Set the time on the microwave.
A sometimes foodPut the cookie jar out of reach.
Baby builderBuilt a tower out of baby blocks.
BeginningUnpacked 1997.
Blast some tunesTurned on a music player.
Brew some coffeePlaced all the coffee-making equipment on the counter.
Brilliantly solvedWrote an equation with fridge magnets.
Electrical hazardPut an electronic item somewhere dangerous.
FellowshipUnpacked 2007.
Fuzzy friendsPut the tiger and pig side by side.
Game onTurned on a game console.
Get smartUnpacked 2004.
Gotta flush 'em allFlushed every toilet.
Green thumbFound a place for every plant.
Hat on headFound a head to wear the hat.
Home cookingUnpacked 2012.
IndependenceUnpacked 2013.
LoveUnpacked 2015.
Make some memoriesFound your camera.
No place like homeUnpacked 2018.
Rediscover childhoodRescued a forgotten poster.
Solve a puzzleSolved the cube.
Strike a poseMade the mannequin dab.
Tidy whitiesTidied up his underwear drawer.
Too coolUnpacked 2010.