UnnyWorld (PC)


Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
ChampionAchieve Champion League in Arenas.
GoldenboyAchieve Gold League in Arenas.
HitmageSlain 100000 heroes.
HouseworkUpgrade Ondu to level 6.
I know a secretActive promo code.
I'll be backProtect your Planet from Evee.
LooterWin in Planet Invasion 500 times.
Mr. XChange the name for gems.
Party makerWin in Bang-bang Party arena 2000 times.
Planet ExpressWin in Planet Invasion 2500 times.
Platinum heroAchieve Platinum League in Arenas.
ProfessionalSlain 10000 heroes.
Rocket's RollWin in Rocket depot arena 2000 times.
Royal warriorWin in Battle Royale ten times.
SilvermanAchieve Silver League in Arenas.
ThiefWin in Planet Invasion 25 times.
UnlockerUnlock seven heroes.
UnnyHelperBuy a chest.
VeteranSlain 1000 heroes.