UnderDungeon (PC)


Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
A treasure in the clouds!Nice views.
After partyDefeat the party butterfly.
Ahhh, my stuff!Recover your bag.
Another worldSee a crystal fruit.
Anti-systemComplete the game going against the rules.
C-O-F-F-E-EHelp Teaffy with her caffeine addiction.
Code error_#404Find the bug zone.
Cursed heroDefeat the Walker.
Dancing with ghostsUuhh, spooky.
DebtsDefeat the death?
DrunkYou little peanut...
Fat fishDefeat Kring Koss.
Full boardHelp the stressed office worker.
Full pokerDiscover the casino treasure.
Gamusino kickerYou're suspiciously good at this...
Happiness^2Help the entity of the toilet.
Hey Doc!Help Zorpius in his investigation.
HolidaysDie until the answering machine picks up.
I love chocolateHelp Beep_0 to eat chocolate.
I think I've been scammed...Buy the beans.
I've bad feelings about this...Nothing good can come of here.
Life had a priceComplete the game having made a pact with death.
Madness and scienceDefeat Trupper.
Meditation sessionBe chill...
Meet Mr. SkippersSkip the intro of the game. Whiska, whiska!
Money!Buy something absurdly expensive and useless.
OMG! ALIENS!They are real!
Out of coverageDefeat the telepathic worm king.
Sad PlaceDiscover the secret graveyard.
Special giftOffice love.
That's unpleasant!Break a tombstone.
The avarice breaks the bagDefeat the ancient guardian.
The mouse and the catDefeat the mouse thief.
Too spicy!Defeat the alien spider.
Treasure islandDiscover the treasure of the island.
What are you doing here?!Go directly to the warehouse.
What's going on here?Unlock the XZ module.
You're a machineYou're not alone.