Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance (PC)


Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Best friendsAll heroes must survive.
Best friendSave the rangers in Oklahoma City.
Bird in the skySave Movement pilot in Santa-Fe outskirts.
Bringer of freedomTake over the prison before they shoot all the hostages in Nueva Tortuga.
Broken alliancePit Integrators against the Cartel in Nueva Tortuga.
Confident operatorTake control of a Legion tank and take it into battle in Nueva Tortuga.
Copper pipesWin four betting fights on the Nueva Tortuga arena.
DefenderPrevent looters from destroying a single trailer with refugees in Vega.
Don't retreat and don't give up!Eliminate all Legion's forces in Abiquiu.
DuelistDefeat all gangs in duels in Nueva Tortuga.
Everyone in formation!Find all hidden Founders squads in Oklahoma City.
Everyone is hereGather all possible help for the final assault on the Legion factory on Galveston Island.
Everything for victory!Grab EWS at Integrators Camp.
Forbidden cultDestroy the leader of the Integrators in the Integrators Camp.
Founders Fidelis!Execute the mayor of the Vega settlement.
Friendliness itselfEstablish the most friendly relations with Integrators.
Garbage manUse Legion robots from the Fort Worth junkyard.
GiftObtain a Stryker in Abiquiu.
Good beginningDo not lose any of your squads in Atlanta.
Guns for the people!Arm volunteers in Abiquiu.
Heroes never dieCalderon and Big Bob must survive while leaving Haven.
Just a pile of stonesActivate Haven's self destruct while retreating.
Leave no man behind!Rescue all prisoners at the Legion research facility in Fort Worth.
Loyal SubjectInfiltrate the mayor without a fight in Nueva Tortuga.
Metal mountainDestroy the Prototype-1 in Midland.
Military dynastyRecruit the son of the mayor of the Vega settlement.
More weapons!Get all the weapons stolen by the peasants from the Cartel in the mission "On the way to Chihuahua".
No analoguesGet the railgun.
No one will leave alive!Eliminate all Cartel leaders in Chihuahua.
No witnessesDestroy the Integrators without allowing any of them to escape in Vega.
No-fly zoneShoot down HK aerial in Oklahoma City.
Not a single breakthrough!Destroy all Legion convoys in Santa-Fe outskirts.
Not only warHelp build the road to Abiquiu.
Old friendGive the truck to Balzano in Oklahoma City.
Reliable defenderProtect the van and tractor bringing Movement platforms to Santa-Fe outskirts.
RepairmanRepair all vehicles in Haven Base repair bay.
ScavengerSteal all vehicles from The Field.
Scrap collectorCapture all abandoned vehicles on the mission "On the way to Chihuahua".
Slippery guyBalzano must survive in Abiquiu.
Temporary allianceTogether with the allies, engage in battle with the pastor in Nueva Tortuga.
The FinalFinish the Campaign.
There are never enough vehicles!Capture at least five vehicles from the Cartel garage in Chihuahua.
There are never too many resourcesCapture and hold the Cartel resource warehouse on the mission "On the way to Chihuahua".
There is nowhere to retreat!Repel the assault on Movement Outpost.
Titan SlayerDestroy the Prototype-2 before it destroys too many allies on Galveston Island.
TravelerVisit all possible points on the map.
TroublemakerSet Legion vehicles against the Cartel in Nueva Tortuga.
True steelObtain an Abrams in Abiquiu.
Viva la revolución!Find all revolution sympathizers before they are found by the Cartel's punishers in Chihuahua.
Your base belongs to usHack one of the Legion's production facilities so that it begins to produce terminators fighting for the Founders in Oklahoma City.