Tape to Tape (PC)


Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
All-Star SquadBuy all superstars.
Balanced OffenseEvery player score one goal.
Blowout KingWin an elite game with the mercy rule.
Conquered GreensWin act 3.
Cult-CrusherWin act 2.
Dental ToughnessScore a goal with the headshot redirect.
From Tape to TapeWin the game with every character.
Future LegendComplete the tutorial.
Highlight ReelScore a goal with the yo-yo.
Octo-ApprovedWin act 1.
Palace of PainAll opposing players are knocked on the ice.
Peak PerformanceMax Angus attributes.
PepperedRegister fourty shots in the same game.
Puck DynastyWin a game versus an elite team.
Puck, Lumber and StuffBuy all skills.
The Knight RisesGrow Gawain.
Three-Peat FeatPerform a Hat Trick.
Totally LegalHit five players with your tomahawk.