Runt of the Litter

Various Steam Achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Back RoadsSneak out of Aerie unseen.
Bridge Between WorldsBecome fully trusted by both gryphon keepers and thralls.
Diplomat's ApprenticeApprentice to Inte.
Enemy TreasureSteal a wyrm egg.
FledglingJoin the ranks of the fledglings.
Fledgling RomanceRomance a fledgling.
Future OverseerApprentice to Vaanret.
Gryphon KillerKill a gryphon.
HatchlingHatch a gryphon.
Impressive BeastImpress the High Council with your gryphon.
Killer InstinctKill in pursuit of your goals.
Medical MarvelFind a cure for dropfeather.
Noble SacrificeDie to protect someone you care about.
Old WoundsLearn of Eini's childhood.
Quick TalkerTalk your way out of Aerie.
Rise UpConvince the High Council to allow thralls to be fledglings.
Secret IntelSpy on the wyrm riders.
Stalwart AllyCome to Eini's aid.
Starting AnewStart a thrall colony.
Strange FriendsReceive a token of friendship from a wyrm rider.
Thrall RomanceRomance a thrall.
UndeniableHave Nistarii vote in your favor.
Warrior's ApprenticeServe under Nistarii.
Welcome BackEarn the High Council's forgiveness.
Wild BloodSteal a wild gryphon egg.
Willing MessengerGet a guard to help you without resorting to bribery.
Wyrm SlayerKill a wyrm.

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