Royal Roads

Various Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
ArchitectFix the bridge and move on to the Elf Forest.
DefenderDefeat all pirates in the kingdom.
Experienced rulerBeat 10 levels with 3 stars.
First-time rulerBeat 5 levels with 3 stars.
Friend of the griffonsHelp all griffons return to the kingdom.
Hailed ruler of 1 continentBeat 20 levels with 3 stars.
Hailed ruler of 2 continentsBeat 40 levels with 3 stars.
Hailed ruler of 3 continentsBeat 60 levels with 3 stars.
Hailed ruler of 4 continentsBeat 80 levels with 3 stars.
HeroEarn all possible trophies in Royal Roads.
Ideal ruler of the KingdomBeat 100 levels with 3 stars.
Key-keeperOpen the gates to Gnome Caves.
Kobold tamerTame all kobolds in the Kingdom.
LeaderUse your royal will.
MinerMake it to the Azure Shores by tunnel.
PilgrimHelp all elf villages find ancient altars.
RebuilderHelp repair all settlements after natural disasters.
Respected rulerHelp the princess return her former self.
RiderUse horses.
SailorSail the archipelago and dock in the Land of the Wizards.
TamerStop the disasters in gnome caves at the source.
WarriorDefeat a kobolt.
WizardUse elf magic.