Never Forget Me

Various Steam Achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
A Little ChocolateUnlock Lawrence Sad Ending 2.
Back To SchoolUnlock Lawrence Special Happy Epilogue.
Big Blue EyesUnlock Aaron Special Happy Epilogue.
Can We Be Friends?Unlock Aaron Special Epilogue.
Family ManUnlock Eddy Happy Ending 1.
ForeverUnlock Lawrence Happy Ending 2.
Funtastic Fudge SwirlUnlock Aaron Sad Ending 2.
Indecent ProposalUnlock Hugh Happy Ending 2.
My ApologiesUnlock Aaron Happy Ending 2.
New LifeUnlock Eddy Sad Ending 2.
Not Appropriate At WorkUnlock Hugh Sad Ending 1.
Nurse AmyUnlock Eddy Special Epilogue.
Partner in CrimeUnlock Hugh Special Happy Epilogue.
Red RosesUnlock Aaron Happy Ending 1.
Self Made WomanUnlock Hugh Special Epilogue.
Sense Of PeaceUnlock Eddy Happy Ending 2.
Something BetterUnlock Eddy Sad Ending 1.
Take Me AwayUnlock Hugh Sad Ending 2.
Taking A BreakUnlock Aaron Sad Ending 1.
That Girl's IdeaUnlock Lawrence Sad Ending 1.
The ActressUnlock Lawrence Special Epilogue.
The First TimeUnlock Lawrence Happy Ending 1.
The Travel AgentUnlock Eddy Special Happy Epilogue.
TogetherUnlock Hugh Happy Ending 1.

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