MythForce (PC)

Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Cold-Blooded CrittersDefeat 250 Lizardmen.
Deadalus and Loving ItDefeat Deadalus on Mythic III.
DeadicationDefeat 250 Acolytes.
Death Becomes YouBe defeated 25 times.
Debuff DogpileHave 4 debuffs active on an enemy at once.
Everything Must Go!Empty the shelves of the Merchant's table.
Faceroll the BonesDefeat 250 Skeletons.
First StrikeComplete Thicket of Bones, the first episode of Bastion of the Beast Lord.
Flawless VictoryComplete any episode without taking damage.
Hit 'Em Where It HurtsDeal 10,000 critical damage.
Horder Better Faster StrongerDefeat 2,000 enemies.
Mushroom Madness!Defeat 250 Sporefolk.
Next Time on MythForce...Complete the Bastion of the Beast Lord.
On this Episode!Complete The Crypt of the Necromancer.
Perk Shard Punch CardPurchase 5 Perk Shards.
Season FinaleComplete Cauldron of Bats.
Spending SpreeSpend 100,000 gold at the Merchant's table.
Ten Steps from the GraveBe defeated 10 times.
That'll Leave a MarkDeal over 500 damage in a single attack.
The Fourth GateGain a Mythic Tier Perk in an adventure.
The Harder They FallDefeat 10 Goliaths.
Vexed HerDefeat Hexstar on Mythic II.
We've Got a Kaiju on the FieldDefeat Beastor on Mythic I.