Lords and Villeins


Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
A Noble CauseAccept a noble family and have them stay for sixty days.
Apple KingdomHarvest 1500 apples.
At Your ServiceEnlist fifty servants.
Background SceneryUnknown.
Be Creative!Build decorations.
Bear With MeKill 25 bears.
Best Fruit Is My FruitPlant 25 fruit trees of each type on a single farm.
Cavalry Is Here!Equip 25 horses with horseshoes and horse saddles.
Check Mate!Unknown.
Crown PleaserIncrease relationship with the royals.
Dedicated To FaithHave fifty novices initiated as monks.
Don't Mess With ThemTrain a weapon mastery on fifty soldiers.
Enemy From WithinDiscover an opposition group.
Everyone Is Here!Have one family for each noble profession.
For The PeoplePositively respond to fifty council requests.
Forbidden LoveRefuse to give villagers a permission to marry.
I Am The (K)nightAssign a Night Guard.
In Bad FaithExecute a failed propaganda.
It's Getting Cosy HereHost a Sunday Service With hundred attendants.
It's My First DaySuccesfuly complete the tutorial.
May I Keep It? Please!Obtain an animal.
Mutually BeneficialAssign Zone to hundred families.
Next Round Is On Me!Have fifty beer barrels in stock.
Nice Day For Fishing Ain't It?Fish thousand fish.
Not This TimeDismantle an oppositon group.
Ownership Is SubjectiveSeize any resource from a family.
Pear PressureHarvest 1500 pears.
Praise The RulerExecute a successful propaganda.
Royal ConcernsLose relationhip with the royals.
Seat At The TableHave all positions of the high council assigned.
Secured LineageSuccessfuly bargain a marriage deal with another noble family.
Settle Them AllHave one family for each peasant profession.
Stop! You Violated the Law!Use the ruling action to send a villager to prison.
Strong ResolveNegatively respond to fifty council requests.
Tax and GloryHave a maximum relationship with the royalty.
The Enemy Is PovertyGrant five gold to a family.
The Future Is BrightReach 10th year of any settlement.
The War Is Never WonSend ten regiments to war.
There Is NoweiHave a total population of 500 or more.
This Is PersonalHave a noble family leave your settlement by their own decision.
This Should Scare ThemExecute a prisoner.
Thou Shalt Have FaithSend fifty villagers to clergy.
Thy Faith Shalt Be StrongHost a Sunday Service ten times.
Traveling SalesmanBe visited by hundred caravans.
We Have Work And They Have NoneAccept hundred families.
What Are You Hiding?Gather intelligence report fifteen times.
Who Can Feed This Many?Obtain hundred animals.
Why We Build The WallBuild hundred walls.
World Is A Dark PlaceUnknown.
You Again?Arrest the same person twice.
You Don't Belong HereExile a family.
Your Soul Be BlessedPerform blessing on fifty soldiers.