Loot Rascals


Various Steam Achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
Better To Be Busy Than BoredBeat the tutorial.
Everything's OddReach The Last World.
Fashion ParadeAchieve 100% journal completion.
Funny TimesReach World 3.
How Did You Manage To Get Inside My Head?Meet The Thing Below for the first time.
I Can't Bring The Time BackBeat a whole world using the Chronoflage.
I Killed The NeighboursBeat The Thing Below.
I Only Like The MonstersKill one of every enemy.
I am Cool with a Capital CUnlock all the other trophies.
I'll Never Be The SameReach World 4.
Just For The Taste Of ItSet a practice deck for each world.
Start Of The CenturyReach World 2.
The Time MachineEscape within 600 turns.
Thousands Of Years Of ProgressComplete all the quests in one playthrough.
ToytimeSee all the unique cards.
Watch Your StepBeat a world without taking damage.
You Gotta RunEscape within 30 minutes.

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