Last Case of Benedict Fox, The (PC)

Various Steam Achievements

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock
...soldier, spyBuy everything from the shop.
Alone togetherDefeat the Loneliness.
Can't catch me!Slow an enemy down.
Can't reach me!Catch an enemy into a trap.
Cannonball!Knock an enemy down with a slide.
ConnoisseurListen to all the shellac disks.
Curiosity killed the catJump to the secret place.
Damsel in distressRescue the Tattooist.
Descent into the LimboDive into the memories.
Everything is connectedUnlock all the anchors.
First of manyFind the first collectible.
Get inked!Get the first tattoo.
I'm a locksmith and I'm a locksmithOpen a kogai door.
Kill it with fire!Defeat the Old Spider.
Master GarrettOpen the 7-element kogai door.
My favourite thingsFully upgrade one item.
NO CAMPING!Clear out the first camp.
NO TRESSPASSING!Clear out all the camps.
Nor here, nor thereUnlock the first anchor.
Now we can workFully unlock the Conundrum Device.
PioneerSlam through the floor.
Shhhh!Defeat the Librarian.
Smoke and mirrorsDefeat the Mirage.
The CanvasFully upgrade your character.
The bigger they are...Defeat Tomas.
Tinker, tailor, ...Buy the first upgrade.
Tools of the tradeFully upgrade all the items.
VeniComplete the tutorial.
VidiFinish the game.
What the autor had in mindFind all the notes for the Conundrum Device.
You can't make me!Watch all the cutscenes without skipping them.
You can't see me!Use a smoke bomb.